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Exploration Awaits!

Dear Friend,

On December 14, 1911, 110 years ago, Roald Amundsen and his team became the first people to reach the South Pole. In his autobiography, Amundsen wrote that the entire course of his life was shaped by reading about the Arctic expeditions of Sir John Franklin, an early 19th-century British explorer. He was just a fifteen-year-old boy when he discovered Franklin’s writings and his life’s passion.

With your generous support, Red Canoe Foundation can similarly inspire young people by offering them access to the wilderness they otherwise would not have. Yes, these opportunities allow them to become literal explorers of the natural world but also explorers of themselves, finding their own courage, capabilities, and confidence.

Please consider a donation to the Red Canoe Foundation today to help these would-be explorers.

With gratitude,

Ben Simmons, Assistant Executive Director

Board of Directors
Phoebe Knowles, Chair
Maddy Vertenten, Vice-Chair
Susannah Ross, Treasurer
William Porter, Secretary
Hardin Coleman, Director at Large
Christopher Foster
Jason Lewis 
John Moses
Louise Moses
William Nuckols
Kathryn Stauffer

Advisory Panel
Katherine Finnegan
Josephine Moore

Gail Coleman, Executive Director
Ben Simmons, Assistant Executive Director

Emeritus Circle
Libby Moore, in memoriam Founding Director & Chair

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