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Dear Friend,

To kick off this year’s Annual Appeal, Paddling Together, I want to share what came to my mind in response to the words “physical place.” It was an image from one of our Coleman family river trips. In it my sons, Jesse and Aaron, stand side-by-side on a large granite rock at the top of a big rapid, each leaning on their paddle, as they consider the best “line” to follow through boulders, boils, haystacks and eddies. They look ahead, confident of their ability to reach the bottom without flipping if they take time to memorize the best path forward. Then they return to their canoes, push off from the shore, and - by paddling together with their bow person - safely reach their destination.

Red Canoe Foundation has looked ahead and set our sights on raising $125,000 this year. We pushed off from the shore on November 1 when our Appeal letter was mailed to you. Paddling Together, we are confident in our ability to navigate the waters with you. 

In the coming months, you will hear from different people as they share word pictures, poems and memories of time spent outdoors which we hope will transport you to your own favrite camping spot! For now, please pick up your paddle and join us on our journey to June 2022 by making a tax deductible donation. With your support, we’ll be able to offer more scholarships and life-changing wilderness experiences than ever before.  

Gail EK Coleman, Executive Director

Board of Directors
Phoebe Knowles, Chair
Maddy Vertenten, Vice-Chair
Susannah Ross, Treasurer
William Porter, Secretary
Hardin Coleman, Director at Large
Christopher Foster
Jason Lewis 

John Moses
Louise Moses
William Nuckols
Kathryn Stauffer

Advisory Panel
Katherine Finnegan
Josephine Moore

Gail Coleman, Executive Director
Benjamin Simmons, Assistant Executive Director

Emeritus Circle
Libby Moore, in memoriam Founding Director & Chair

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Red Canoe Foundation | 608-469-4752 | gcoleman@redcanoefoundation.org

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