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Our Transformations Series

Dear Friend,

I am sitting here in my living room at 4:15 in the afternoon, the light of the day already filtering out, and the room getting dark. I should turn the lights on, but I haven’t - I’m still not quite ready for the 4:30 pm darkness that settles at this time of year. This is truly one of the few moments that I have had recently to sit and reflect - for this moment I am thankful to reflect on what transformation means to me. 

Being the mother of young children I am, of course, well-versed in all things Frozen 1 and 2. One of my favorite characters has always been Olaf the snowman who says things like:

“Did you know that an enchanted forest is a place of transformation? I have no idea what that means, but I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do to each one of us.”

You might as well replace “enchanted forest” with “Wabun” and you would have my experience. I have never considered myself a big fan of change. It’s hard - it brings with it new challenges and obstacles. But to this day when faced with new challenges I look back to the memories, the challenges I faced and the inner strength developed together with my section-mates and know I have what it takes to go through and come out on the other side transformed. These are the opportunities I hope to provide my own children.

To me, this is the beauty of Red Canoe Foundation and Camp Wabun. As an adult I am thankful to have the opportunity to work together with like-minded people to ensure these important transformational wilderness opportunities are available for generations to come. Thank you for joining us!


Kathryn E. Stauffer
Marketing Co-Chair

Board of Directors
Phoebe Knowles, Chair
Maddy Vertenten, Vice-Chair
Susannah Ross, Treasurer
William Porter, Secretary
Hardin Coleman, Director at Large
Christopher Foster
Jason Lewis 

John Moses
Louise Moses
Ben Simmons
Kathryn Stauffer

Advisory Panel
Howard Barnebey
Tammy Cole
Katherine Finnegan
Bill Green

Josephine Moore

Gail Coleman, Executive Director

Emeritus Circle
Libby Moore, in memoriam Founding Director & Chair

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