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River Order: A Few Announcements

Dear Friend,

As you heard from Gail recently, the last year has been anything but idle for everyone at RCF! We have lots to celebrate, including anticipating a 2022 summer with open borders and campers exploring a broader expanse than has been permissible in the ‘Covid era.’ We’ve remained mission-driven and dedicated to the youth we serve. We’ve been busy, excited, and hopeful about creating growing opportunities, alongside you who make it all possible with your encouragement, support, and financial contributions.

Today I’m writing to officially pass the baton of Red Canoe Board Chair to one of our founding Directors, Phoebe Knowles. Phoebe has been a stalwart champion of our cause since the inception of Red Canoe (formerly-known-as Friends of Wabun). She brings extensive experience in organizational management, deep questioning (of the visionary kind), and commitment to community that will serve us well in the years ahead. 

But I’m not going anywhere - promise! While I had never planned to stern the RCF canoe, doing so these past months has strengthened my dedication to our calling. I find the work extremely gratifying, and I’m excited about stewarding this mission into the future. And so, I remain on the RCF Executive Committee as Phoebe’s Vice Chair (her bowman, if you will). The EC is rounded out by Bill Porter as Secretary, Susannah Ross as Treasurer, and Hardin Coleman who joins us as Director-at-Large.

We are thrilled to welcome Ben Simmons into a new role as Red Canoe Foundation's Assistant Executive Director. Ben’s passion for wilderness education served RCF really well during his time as a member of our Board of Directors, his technological expertise and keen eye for graphics brought significant improvements to our annual reports and other communications. In his new capacity, Ben will have time to devote to this work and much more! 

Finally, Howie Barnebey has ended his term on the Board and will be pursuing new, related avenues to help us further our mission. We are so grateful for his contributions over these many years.   

You, our family of supporters, have helped us build and sustain Red Canoe Foundation, and now we’re ready to tackle new challenges. I feel that our spirit is strong - we are joyful, ready, and willing to grow forward!

See you downriver,

Maddy Vertenten

Executive Committee

Phoebe Knowles, Chair
Maddy Vertenten, Vice-Chair
Susannah Ross, Treasurer
William Porter, Secretary
Hardin Coleman, Director at Large

Emeritus Circle
Libby Moore, in memoriam Founding Director & Chair

Board of Directors

John Moses, Director
Louise Moses, Director
Kathryn Stauffer, Director
Jason Lewis, Director 

Gail Coleman, Executive Director
Benjamin Simmons, Assistant Executive Director

Follow us!

Red Canoe Foundation | 608-469-4752 | gcoleman@redcanoefoundation.org

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